Where can LGBT families and couples find tax tips online?

I am actually writing a tax article for domestic partners and lgbt couples and was surprised to find that very little is out there in terms of current and accurate lgbt tax info. Since many same-sex couples and lgbt families go through the hoops of finding the closest tax equivalent to marriage as possible you would think there would be more out there.

It doesn’t matter how many hoops we jump through, we are still screwed tax-wise, at least at the federal level. Interestingly, before the Defense of Marriage Act precluded federal recognition of same-sex marriages in 1996, the IRS said that it would recognize any non-plural marriage recognized by any state. Not a problem – same-sex marriage was not legal anywhere, so they really were just dodging the issue.

Once DOMA is repealed, which Obama has said he will work for (watch for a filibuster on that one) then the IRS will have to recognize gay marriages. Now we need to get equal tax treatment for civil unions and domestic partnership.