What are 10 tax tips?

I do not have 10, but I do have a few.

1. Do not forget the telephone excise tax refund. This is worth between $30-$60.

2. If you have qualified stock dividends, take the extra time to use the qualified dividend tax work sheet.

3. Read the directions for everyline carefully. Also be careful about interpeting the directions. They words things exactually how they are ment.

4. If you do not feel comfortable ask for help from a qualified person. Friends do not have the best understanding of your unquie setuation.

5. There is no such thing as a simple tax return. The tax law changes every year. Someone who has been doing things the same way for the last 10 years is doing something wrong.

6. Finally, do not ever think that the tax code has morality in it or even has to make sense. It is how congress wrote it and they do not always realize the things that they do. The example I like to bring up is starting last year that it is legal for my 5 month old son to claim my 3 year old son for the child tax credit.

I am interested in seing what other people come up with.