Twelve Home Based Business Tips for Over-worked Entrepreneurs

Do you ever feel like there are too many things to do and not enough “day” to do them in?

Do your weekends seem to fly by while your time spent at your day job seems to drag?

Does it seem like you’ve just sat down to do a little work on your business and suddenly it’s 2:00 a.m. and you haven’t gotten anything done?

If this sounds like you then you are one of thousands of over-worked men and women who are trying to start and run a home based business while keeping the day job until you can afford to quit.

Sometimes the stress of trying to do it all causes people to give up their dream of home business ownership – I don’t want that to happen to you!

I’m one of those crazy people who are driven (and I mean DRIVEN) to have my own business. I don’t just run one business out of my home – I run FOUR of them. So believe me when I tell you that I know what it means to be over-worked, stressed out & cranky!

A few things we need to agree on is that:

1) there are only 24 hours in a day

2) You can’t do everything without help – either from other people or from technology

I’ve put together a small list of tips and tricks that will free up some additional time – time that you can spend with your family & friends instead of working. Some of these tips will work for you and some won’t. What I’m offering you is basically a buffet of options. Choose what you want, try it – come back for more if you like! Not all of my suggestions are free – some will cost money, but most, if not all of them will be tax deductible!

Work smarter instead of harder – that’s the first step in giving yourself more time.

Become a multi-tasker. Now, this is easier than you think it might be.

1. Advertise While Doing Everyday Tasks.

• Use magnetic signs on your automobiles

• Wear clothing that advertises your business

• Carry some product in your trunk at all times/if you have a direct sales business, make sure you have Catalogs & your calendar with you at all times, so that you can schedule parties on the fly!

• Keep home party and fundraiser packets in your car

2. Use an autoresponder service such as to send out your follow-up emails to prospects, customers & downline.

• Use it to send out monthly newsletters & last minute announcements. Good autoresponder services offer a Mail-All or Broadcast feature.

• Have different campaigns set up and ready to be used when they are needed.

• Create different campaigns for those interested in home parties, fundraisers, business opportunity, products & upcoming sales.

• Updating an existing campaign takes minutes when it’s already created.

3. Use a personal website to your advantage!

• You spend less time explaining your business to prospects.

• Customers know where to find you and buy from you without your direct involvement until they send you an order.

• When prospects are interested in your business, they can sign up for your autoresponder information (business newsletter) directly from your website – no involvement from you! This can happen while you are at work or on vacation with your family.

• Customers & prospects get to know YOU and begin trusting YOU.

The beginning of beautiful relationships starts here – and you are actually grocery shopping while they get to know you better!

4. Use Pay-Per-Click advertising. When you run your ads 24/7/365 people who are interested in what you have to offer can browse, purchase & read all about you while you sleep, attend a dance recital or go out to dinner with your family.

5. Optimize your personal website – put any company-approved presentations online. Point people to different ways to learn about you automatically – then have them come to you via e-mail or autoresponder after most of their questions have been answered.

6. Pay your bills electronically – set it up so that they are paid automatically every month. How much time will this save? How long do you take to write checks, balance your checkbook & make sure everything is paid every month (or every week)? How much does having to pay bills stress you out? There are services out there that will do all the work for you – your bills automatically get sent to them and they keep track of them and pay them – on the day you’ve set up.

7. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Who made up the rule that YOU had to do everything yourself?? Decide right now that your spouse and your children are able & capable of helping. All you have to do is ask – if it doesn’t get done, then it’s their responsibility to do it. Don’t back down from this or they won’t take your requests seriously.

8. Purchase birthday & holiday presents for friends and family once a year if possible – if it’s not possible then do as many gifts all at once as you can. Don’t forget to buy the cards as well. Wrap the gifts, tag them so you know who is supposed to get what. Don’t forget to sign & put cards with them. Now there’s no reason to stress out because Uncle Fred’s birthday party is tomorrow and you’ve totally forgotten his gift.

9. Hire a cleaning service. Even if someone comes in once a month to do the heavy cleaning, it’s a few less things on your mind. Bring someone in to wash the floors, clean the bathrooms & other cleaning tasks that can wait, but still need to be done. When you own a home-based business, these types of services are tax deductible – so take advantage of this!

10. Laundry! Ugh! It can pile up. Once in awhile when it piles up so that you can’t even find the washer anymore, just load it all into the car and take it to a good Laundromat that offers wash/dry/fold services. Don’t forget to take hangers with you if you want certain items hung up. Separate the items that can’t be dried – or leave those at home. Looking at a small pile of laundry is much less stressful that trying to do it all once it’s built up to titanic proportions.

11. Don’t be “Super Home Business Owner.” You can’t do it all. You can’t be everywhere at once. Things will get missed. Don’t get angry at yourself. You are human. You deserve to rest, relax, eat & sleep.

12. Make some time for yourself – every day. It doesn’t have to be hours – even if it’s only 15 minutes, you need time for yourself. Take a bubble bath. Have a glass of wine. Write in your journal. Read a chapter in a novel. Whatever it is that makes you feel good and relaxed – make sure you spend time doing it every day.

Sande Saimond