Road Tax And The Disabled Driver


If you’re in receipt of the higher rate mobility component of the DLA, War Pensioners Mobility Supplement or have an invalid carriage then you could be entitled to an exemption on your road tax.

To claim your exemption from paying road tax the vehicle has to be registered in your name or a nominated driver, although the vehicle must be used for your purposes, for shopping or collecting prescriptions. If the vehicle is being used by or for some-one else then the exemption can be lost and if you no longer qualify for road tax exemption you must then register the vehicle for tax at the appropriate rate.

If you are currently receiving a free tax disc using the DLA404 certificate then you have to continue to use it at the post office, DVLA local office or online. When your DLA404 certificate is full you should contact the Disability Living Allowance unit for a certificate of entitlement to keep on getting your free tax disc.

to contact them you can write to them at: Disability Living Allowance Unit, Warbreck House, Warbreck Hill, Blackpool, FY2 0YE or call on 0845 712 3456 or contact on textphone on 0845 722 4433.

You can change your car’s tax class at the issuing post office or your DVLA local office. When your vehicle is exempted from road tax, insofar as you have it registered in the Disable d tax class you are able, in the future to renew it online, over the ‘phone at the DVLA or the post office.

Cars which are available to disabled drivers can be modified by companies such as Constables’ Mobility whose range of cars include the Nissan NV200, the Citroen Berlingo and the Renault Kangoo. If you get these cars as part of Motability’s contract lease scheme you won’t have to provide a certificate of entitlement or Exemption Certificate; Motability will arrange taxation on your car annually and mail your tax disc directly to you.