Do i have to report my tips? When it comes tax time?

I work as a bagger at a commisary at a military base. My income is purely tips. I do not have an hourly wage.

Do i have to report anything? I was told by the head guy that i dont and that i am my own vendor.
I live in FL.
Is the commissary going to report anything to the IRS that i am an employee there?

From what you describe the commissary is not going to report your tips. One of the reasons that they are not going to report the tips is that they are likely in violation of a good number of laws. They may well be exempt from state labor laws but they are not exempt from federal law.
However that was not your question. You would be required to file a return and report the tips if your annual income exceeded the minimum filing requirement. That is likely $400 if by some chance you really are an independent contractor.