WealthCap is also a managed fund, which is basically an investment fund that is managed professionally by an expert fund manager who invests in a variety of investments. Investing in WealthCapfund will provide you with wide range of benefits including the ability to do the following.

* Choose investment options to meet your needs of investment

* Access your money and withdraw partial or whole amounts

* Increase your investment any time

* Obtain quarterly updates that covers the performance of all funds

* Switch money between funds easily and without penalty

With managed funds, money is pooled together with that of the investors to create a single strong fund that provides significant investor benefits that includes an instant increase in buying strength.

Hence a managed fund is one that enables you and lot of other people each with a small amount to invest, to pool your money for everybody’s benefit. The main advantages of managed funds rather than trying to ‘do it yourself’ are

1. Full time expert’s management: The investment market moves quickly and it is vital to keep in track of top of things. Most of us don’t have time to look after investments properly. Since professional investment managers spend their entire time thinking and learning about markets, currencies, interest rates and so on, they don’t make mistakes that amateurs do.

2. Risk reduction due to spread of investment: It is unlikely for you to have the resources to build a portfolio to compare with a major funds manager even if you had time to look after your investments. So, spread of investments is the most important way of reducing risk.

3. Chances beyond your normal reach: Managed funds have access to the best investment opportunities due to their size and investment muscle.

4. Value and Convenience: Managed funds are low maintenance investments compared with property, shares or even term deposits.

5. Advantages of tax: Professionally managed funds take advantage of tax benefits and pass them on to you when you pay income distributions. So managed funds not only help you to achieve better returns but also may help you pay less tax.

The four types of managed funds are

1. Unit Trusts: This works by pooling money from a number of investors and then using this money to buy a variety of investments. It gives you a greater power of buying and allows you to share costs and give you the benefits of professional management.

2. Group Investment Funds: This is also an investment where individuals pool their money together to create greater buying power, cost sharing and take advantage of professional management.

3. Superannuating Funds: These are the largest and most popular type of managed investment focused more toward conservative investments.

4. Insurance Bonds: This is used to describe the range of investment-linked policies offered by several life insurance companies. This is very similar to unit trusts

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Mark Plummer