Risk Management & Escalation – an extract from “The Risk Management Master Class”

Bob Bell, risk management practitioner from the Strategic Thought Group, looks at the risk management process and how risks can be escalated to appropriate levels within organisations so that they can be actioned.

This is an extract from an hour long “Risk Management Master Class” given by Bob. Contact stgrisk@strategicthought.com to see if you qualify for a copy of the full master class on DVD.

Bob Bell joined STG after a distinguished 25-year career at Lockheed Martin, where for 7 years he was one of the risk managers working on the Joint Strike Fighter program. This project alone had the size and complexity of many Fortune 500 companies. Bob is also an Adjunct Professor teaching at the Southern Methodist University, Texas.

Duration : 0:7:12

[youtube t2VUBOPPl14]