I just wanted to let you know Congress is planning a merge of your tax deferred retirement plans with that of?

the social security system. I know… it’s obvious many of you think i’m a troll. However i’ve told many of you "exactly" how things were "going to" happen and you laughed. Well.. they’re happening now. Just figured you might want to know this as well. Seriously though, i don’t even know why i’m telling you.

Please, keep posting this info. I, like you, have tried to explain to people around me how this is going to work and very few want to believe it. Socialism leads to communism with a small c. Barack is arrogant and really does believe he knows better then we citizens. He will turn our country into a ghetto. We’ll all be living in poverty. He won’t raise anyone up to anyone else’s level. He will make us equal by bringing us all down to the lowest level. Change we can believe in? Yea right.