For people planning retirement: What is for you either appealing, or scaring, about retiring in Mexico?

And how important is for you a location by the sea? Would you consider to retire in an inner mexican city?

We have been travelling to Mazatlan for the past 25 years and although not planning to retire there – we love our Candian summers – we will be going on extended (3-4 months) visits annually when I retire in 2 years.

We rent in a quiet residential neighborhood about 6 blocks from the beaches and find the neighbors friendly and welcome us back when we return every year.

We have been going in February and it is normally dry and sunny every day; the ocean breezes cool in the evening (after 4:00 pm).

MZT is a thriving urban area and most goods that we get in canada we can get here.

We can shop at supermarkets or the local green grocer (for fruits & veggies).

The climate has changed somewhat to more moderate – not hot and sweaty in the evenings – Dec/Jan/Feb now cooler (highs 25-28 lows 13-16 C)