401k Allocation And Investing In Stocks?



I just got my 401K info in the mail for my total asset allocation and balance by investment. I have 92% of short term investments and then 0% in stock investments. Im interested in investing in stocks. I have $1,469 in there. Im only 21 so thats why im clueless with how to be smart/what to do. Soo yeah, Help 😀 thanks!


401K Allocation

In most 401k plans you won’t be able to choose individual stocks….you’ll be given a choice of ” mutual funds”…..if they offer ” life – cycle funds ” ( those with years in their names 2020, 2050 etc ) take the highest year thay offer for about 75% ….then go with 25% in something with foreign market exposure. You’ll be aggressive for years to come and in tune with the changing world markets also.