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With this simple website, I am intending to partake with you what I know about property tax information from my own personal experience. Moreover, I am hoping to present the resources I encountered while seeking for legal and legitimate ways to reduce the real estate tax I need to pay. Of course I want to pay my taxes, but I also want to ensure that I’m only having to pay what I absolutely have to pay. Therefore,  I’ve embarked in researching information that will aid me reach this aim.

I am also interested in making this situation as positive of an experience as I can, therefore, I chose to put up this website to help others that are in a similar situation with their property taxes and are looking for information that may help them reduce their property tax. Now all this being said, I fee the complete desire to put in my disclaimers, so here they go.


I am not a property tax consultant, nor a property tax lawyer.  I am a simple regular man that is doing research.  So don’t assume that my purpose for this endeavor is to make a recommendation. I just want to help in any way by sharing my experience. But it is the reader’s responsibility to do their own due diligence when it comes to a property tax protest or appeal. I can’t guarantee that the property tax help i discovered will just be as efffective for you as it was for me. Therefore, please do your own researchand make responsible decisions.

What you will gain from me is the sharing of my valuable experience and resources I discovered with regards to property taxes and if I come across any good resources or property tax lawyer, I will be glad to reveal what they’ve contributed with me for my case.  If there are any similarities of my case to yours, then please feel free to consult with your own property tax lawyer to make the decision that is most appropriat for you.This is how to use this site effectively.
This site acts as my journal which contains valuable and general information that I’ve found useful. If this site is providing Property Tax Info that is useful to you, then I recommend you bookmark it or if you know what an RSS feed is, then subscribe to it to stay updated. I will be sharing information about real estate property tax, these information are new to me but they may be basic for you if you’re involved in the real estate industry. Therefore, in advance I thank you for your understanding if something sounds silly or basic.

I am inviting you to to experience my journey and discover what I learned about Property Tax Appeal and Property Tax Reduction and what myProperty Tax Attorney had advised me.  Please visit