how do i save for retirement when my employment does not offer a retirement plan?

i recently started a new job, it’s a union job, which has great medical benefits and sick time and paid time off, but it does not offer a retirement plan. what should i be doing to save for retirement?

Roth IRA. Max out the Roth but the total percentage of your pay that should go into retirement is about 15%. So if the Roth max (about $4k, depending on the year and your age) is less than 15% of your take home pay then put the rest in mutual funds.

I also suggest you read: The Total Money Makeover by Ramsey for the when and why’s of investing and debt. Ramsey’s website also has "ELPs" listed (endorse local providers) that can help you set these accounts up for you.

I also suggest you read Suze Orman (she has a lot of books, pick one that is closest to your situation). I would start with Ramsey and then read Orman. Orman is A LOT more technical than Ramsey and the easy definitions that Ramsey uses will help you read Orman.

Good luck!