We will be taking a financial management course and I am wondering what your specific questions would be. Why?

Here are the six key topics but what would be your top 3-5 specific questions? Why?

Cash Management
Making the most of your income
Reducing your debt
Taking control of your credit
Assessing your current situation
Traditional savings vehicles
The impact of inflation
How much cash?

Risk Management
Reducing financial risk
Protecting your property and assets
Are you properly insured?
Types of medical coverage
Homeowners and auto insurance
Disability income and long-term-care insurance
How much life insurance do you need?
Avoid being under- or over-insured.

Tax Planning
What’s your marginal income tax bracket?
Impacts of the latest tax laws
Avoid paying more taxes than you owe
Using tax strategies to your advantage
Taxable equivalent yield

Investment Management
Basic types of investments
Understanding your risk level
How to measure investment risk
Making better investment decisions
Proper asset allocation
Dollar cost averaging
Benefiting from tax-deferred investing
College funding strategies

Retirement Planning
The penalty of procrastination
Sources of retirement income
Employer retirement plans
IRAs/Roth IRAs
Calculating the cost of your retirement
Determining your distribution from retirement plans
Rollover options

Wise Estate Conservation
Having your estate distributed according to your wishes
Avoiding probate and excessive estate taxes
Learning about the benefits of trusts and charitable giving

you forgot to tell us WHY you are taking a financial management course.
Having known THAT, I’d have worked out WHAT you need to study to achieve WHAT you want to achieve.

I mean, if you have no estate, why would you want to know how to

“get one distributed according to your wishes” know what I mean??