PLEASE HELP! Maryland state tax nightmare!!!?

I am having complications filing my state tax on Turbo Tax for my Maryland Part-Year Resident (Form 502).

I have consulted the MD State Tax information line but they have not been helpful, only telling me they recommend using the "iFile" on their site but it doesn’t answer my questions still. I have tried asking the Turbo Tax community but I haven’t had any luck there either.

I will briefly describe my situation. I worked in MD until 4/28/09. I moved from MD on 06/03/09 back to WA state. In this time I have unfortunately been unsuccessful for a new job still.

After moving to WA state I had zero income except for the following:

1.) 1099-R; $553.45 (Federal Income tax withheld $110.69) was pulled from my 401k Profit Sharing Plan. No state tax for WA was withheld since there is none.
2.) 1099-G; $2025.00 in unemployment paid by the state of Maryland. Again, this is after I moved away from MD.

I have run into the following obstacle.

1.) I am asked the following from Turbo Tax;

Adjustments for Part-Year Residents
As a part-year resident, you need to enter two sets of figures.

First, total the losses and adjustments to income reported on your federal return that you had in the period you were not a resident of Maryland. Then total the income you reported for the time you were not a resident of Maryland.
Non-Maryland Losses and Adjustments:
Non-Maryland Income:

What value do I enter for the two fields of "Non-Maryland Losses and Adjustments" and "Non-Maryland Income" then? Do my 1099-G and/or 1099-R constitute as Non-Maryland Income?

Turbo Tax gives a brief explanation of Non-Maryland Income however I am still uncertain:

Adjustments to Income

Subtract any of these items if you earned them during your nonresident period:

– Wages
– Investment income (interest and dividends)
– Refunds of state and local income taxes
– Pensions
– Annuities
– IRA distributions
– Unemployment compensation
– Social security and railroad retirement benefits

I appreciate your time and help. If more information is necessary (federal tax amounts) please let me know and I will gladly provide it.

Your question is too complicated for an easy answer here. Either throw in the towel and seek professional help or download forms from the Maryland website and work through them using a pencil (not a pen) then go back to Turbo Tax.