Military divorce questions…?

The office at JAG is closed for now, but I plan on making an appointment asap. So, I was hoping for the best info I could get before I consult an attorney. Husband is Army E-4 with 7.5 years in, no articles 15’s. DC BAH is around $1790. Been married the last 4.5 years of that. I am legal resident of Maryland, his is Hawaii or home of record is in Montana. No kids. Neither one of us cheated. He called it irreconcible differences. We have always had separate checkings and savings account, retirement funds, etc. Only real debt is car @$7750 left. He plans to have me move out of the residence at the end of March since his LPN at Walter Reed starts in early May. He plans for us to sign a legal separation agreement at end of March since in the state of MD, a couple must be legally separated for a year before they can get an absolute divorce. MD says it is an equal distribution state. SO, question is how much is he required by law, if any, to pay me in support? We’d still be legally married until April 2011. He says I will get my health & dental insurance still and that he will pay me $700/month and pay the car off & put it only in my name(will be around 1.5-2 years left in payments). He’s been planning this for so long and knew so many of the laws, and it came as a shock to me when I thought we were about to just have a serious talk about the relationship. He says we are not happy and not fair to one another to stay together. I have gone through a series of emotions. Even when I got to the point where I started getting mad, I was using a normal tone of voice, but asking very direct questions. Last night he just threatened to take away some of the monthly $budget. I want it to work out, but he’s already made up his mind and only has to wait due to the law. He does not want to go to marital counseling. Renting a room here to keep my job in a high cost of living area, is a tough choice since hard to find another job. My family is in Alabama so I’d probably move back there. I make only $14/hr here & once I did find a job in AL, it might be only $12/hr. I currently work as an 1:1 aide at a private school for emotionally disturbed students and also have experience with autistic spectrum disorder. What legal suggestions and tips do you have? Thank you for your time in reading this and offering advice.

without a court order he is only required to give you the difference between single and with dependent BAH.. often no more than a couple of hundred dollars.

you will have all Tricare and base access until the day the diviorce is final.

Him offering $700 and the car payment is FAR More than he is required by UCMJ to provide you.