Back-child support OWED.Inheritance $ left from deceased mom.Can present wife take 1/2 B4 Atty General does?

Texas 47 yr old man remarries in same state, has a 3-yr old child. He owes back child support, 12,500+ arrears. Kids are now mid 20’s & living in another state where their mother lives. He’s been unemployed for the last 1.5 ys. He’s lazy and dislikes work. Current wife makes over $70K yr. She’s been the sole provider all this time w/ no financial support from husband. Husband is about to receive inheritance,approx $15K,in a few months from his deceased mother.She named the 47 y.o. man beneficiary of her retirement/pension. 47 man says he’s going to put the entire amount in his father’s name as a gift & into father’s bank account. He does not want Atty General, ex-wife or current wife to touch the money. He made plans to spend all of it on himself w/o even considering his 3yr old daughter or wife. Wife is fed up! Isn’t current wife entitled to half after divorce? Can the TX Atty General take whats owed? & IRS What’s the process & what channels does it go through before distribution?

Aren’t you GLAD you are outta that one?!!

Okay, if the guy lives in another state, there is a slight problem. Texas does not have reciprocal agreements with all other states. Are there court orders for child support in effect? Has the TX Atty. Gen. been involved in collection proceedings against this guy in the past? If so, they can and will help you. Contact them and explain the situation. Be sure to reference the Cause Number on the old divorce papers. Helps them find their old paperwork. Saves all of you time and you don’t have much before the money is paid and then it will all be spent.

You need to be aware that because this is an inheritance, the current wife is not entitled to any of the money. An inheritance is considered separate property.

The Texas Atty. Gen. can garnish the proceeds if they are aware of the pending payment from the pension plan. The way that the man plans to hide the money from the Atty. Gen. needs to be reported as well.

The Atty. Gen. would contact the pension company and make them aware of the claim. The money would be paid directly to the Atty. Gen. by the pension company. Then the Atty. Gen. would send a check or make direct deposit to the mother of the children.

Sounds to me as though he needs a little jail time to see the light. Good luck…