Shop Local At A Local Business And Dollars Help The Local Economy First

When You Shop Local You Help A Local Business And Your Community


Many times people do not think about where they shop. They just shop at the closest or most convenient place. While this seems to make sense, it can actually cause harm to you and your family in the long run. A better way to support your community and help improve the quality of life in your area is to shop local . When you patronize a local business , you are helping keep the dollars you spend in your area. When you spend dollars in “big box” corporate stores the dollars staying local is not always the case. A portion of the dollars you spend will always go to a corporate office in some other town, possibly some other state and even some other country. This means you are helping some other community create and maintain jobs.

When you shop local you are helping the local business stay around.

The more you shop local the more the local business has an opportunity to take advantage of volume discounts. This allows the local business to be competitive. Being competitive means they will be able to charge lower prices and lower prices means savings in your pocket. That takes away the complaint that many people have. Smaller mom and pop local business owners can’t compete. When you shop local you help your dollars stay local.
Service is also another factor when you shop local. We all have had the experience of purchasing something from a big corporate store and having a problem. This means if it is broken then you have to send it off. Another issue is decisions about your problems are made somewhere else. When you shop local and support a local business the decisions are made local. You can get a resolution right away. When you know the owners of the business you are more likely to get a satisfactory resolution to your problem or issue.
So in conclusion, you should shop local whenever you are able. Support the local business around the corner. This will help your dollars improve things in your community.