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Retirement Planning

Retirement PlanningRetirement Planning

Future Years helps makes it easy for everyone to Retirement Planning. It does not matter if someone has just started a professional career, or if that person is nearing retirement age, Future Years has lots of information to cater to the retirement planning needs of people of different age groups. From selecting a retirement location or home, to health insurance, Medicare, and travel plans, this site proves to be a useful guide for a large number of people, including baby boomers. The fact-based and interesting approach adopted by Future Years is one of the unique highlights of this site.

Retirement Planning

The section on top retirement locations offers comprehensive information about the best places in the United States for retirees. The listing of retirement homes in states like Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, should be particularly useful for seniors and for people who are planning for their second life. This particular section also provides information about assisted living communities in the US, and details about retirement locations outside the country.

Social Security, Medicare, and insurance, these are some of the terms which any person planning for retirement would be acquainted with? Well, this site is one of the largest offering information on all factors associated with the financial needs of a retiree, including Social Security, Medicare, and insurance of all kinds- travel, health and life. Future Years adopts a simplistic language and style to explain the various finance, health, medical and economics related topics, and programs and clauses, to its readers. A senior can also continue working after retirement, albeit with less stress. The careers section of Future Years is a storehouse of information for any senior looking for alternative career options or advice.

Retirement Planning does not mean that a person stops enjoying life! On the contrary, one gets to do all those things which the heart desired, but due to paucity of time could not carry out earlier. Cruises, escorted tours, and active travel are some of the sections on Future Years that would interest any person who wants to lead an active lifestyle post-retirement. The site aims to be the top resource destination for information on retirement planning and related topics.

About FutureYears.com

Future Years is a Silicon Valley, joint-venture project launched by Jim Sutton and Karin Hollerbach.

Jim Sutton has years of experience in high tech industry, including a stint with IBM Research Division, and 12 years with Hewlett-Packard (finishing as General Manager). Jim has also been part of many Silicon Valley start-ups, working in the capacity of CEO.

Karin Hollerbach is the CEO of Taku Group, an organization serving as a business and finance advisory. Karin holds a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering, and had earlier worked at various levels such as CEO, President, EVP, VP Technology, and VP Products, for multifarious organizations, at different points in time in her career.

For more information, log on to: www.futureyears.com


Retirement Planning