Do It Yourself Financial Plan : Is a financial planning position good for a college student majoring in accounting?

Do It Yourself Financial Plan

Do It Yourself Financial Plan Do It Yourself Financial Plan

I’m planning to become a CPA. Currently, I’m in college (1.5yrs left) and work part-time as an accounts payable. Recently I was asked to come work at a CPA firm as an assistant in financial planning. The pay and hours are really good compared to my current job.

Do It Yourself Financial Plan

However, I’m not sure if learning the new things in the financial planning position will stress me out. It’s all very new to me. Even though I’m not a brainiac, I am a very hard worker. But is that enough? I just don’t want this job to take away too much time away from school. I’ll be taking very difficult accounting courses.

I was wondering if I should stay at my current job OR take the new job and learn new things. Will this work experience look better on my resume? If i dont take this job, then will there be lots of other opportunities like this after I graduate? Will this get my foot in the door of the CPA world even though I won’t be doing any accounting work?

EVERY bit of suggestions would be greatly appreciated – Do It Yourself Financial Plan

You have 1.5 years left. I would ask the company that asked you to take the new position what the chances are if you do take the job then can you become a CPA for the company after graduation?

If it’s a better position and the same amount of hours, the stress level may be a bit higher, but the experience of moving from Accounts payable to Financial Planning Assistant may be a good choice. First it will demonstrate that you excelled at your first job to be noticed and offered the job as the Assistant. Then, it does show that you have a solid background in Accounts and Financial Planning.

Right now you’re building a resume and learning how to conduct yourself in the adult world. If the pay is better and the hours are the same, I’d take the new job and learn from it. If you don’t like it, you can always look for another Accounts Payable position and return to that field. Furthermore, ask the new company if they will allow you some time for shorter hours during slow seasons so you can concentrate on your studies. If they realize you are balancing school along with their work and showing great promise, you’ll probably make a good impression. Negiotiate some terms, know what you can do and cannot do based on the hours you may need for the advanced accounting courses–give your two weeks at your old job if you choose to take it (Leave in good standing as you may need them as a reference) and move forward.

It sounds like a fantastic chance, just know what you want and be clear. If the job meshes with your goals, then go for it. – Do It Yourself Financial Plan

Do It Yourself Financial Plan