Resale Homes versus New Construction Homes

 As a home buyer, you may find it hard to decide on whether to buy a new home or a resale home .

Typically, new homes have a higher price than the existing homes .

 Pros and Cons of a New Home

 The major advantages when you decide to purchase a new home is that you can decorate your home.   You will be able to pick and choose colors, floor plans, that range from paint to cabinetry selection .  Brand new homes have modern technologies and conveniences .  On the other hand, when buying a new home, you have to get ready for the on-going construction for you might need additional money .  Your lawn and grass will not be included because some new home community do not have landscaping yet.  Fix cracks you see on the walls . You may have to purchase for appliances, decks, humidifier, walkways, and pool for they are excluded in the price of built out .  

 Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Resale Home 

 The benefits of buying a resale home is that it can fit all of your needs in particular area and you may find it easier to move in an established neighborhood .

A resale home often provide mature landscaping, curtains, appliances, outdoor lighting and finished fencing. You can already know the kind of neighborhood you will be moving to, when you take a look at the resale homes . One more advantage to acquiring resale is if you do not have enough time to build, a resale can be your great choice . You also have a chance to improve an existing home to raise its equity . A resale home will give you more value than a new home.

Now, we will talk about the disadvantages of a resale home . Resale homes can be outmoded, so money will be set aside in your budget for updating the home . Older homes can have problems with older wiring and need to replace the . Old floor plans and smaller bedrooms can turn a buyer off .

As a home buyer, you are going to make a most important decision on whether to buy a resale home that is already on the real estate market or get a new home.