Investment Outlook & Strategy Q4 2010-2011 View in 480p

Investment outlook Q4 2010 — 2011: Covering stock market analysis, technical analysis, and asset allocation. Money manager, Chris Ciovacco, discusses investment opportunities based on key stock market levels and possible quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. Mr. Ciovacco, of Ciovacco Capital Management, discusses inflation-friendly, deflation-friendly, and conservative growth assets with respect to key levels and ranges on the S&P 500 Index. Topics also include the odds of a double-dip recession, deflationary spirals, and investment allocation contingency planning. Video covers investment strategies for year-end 2010 and 2011, including investment opportunities in gold, silver, copper, and global stocks.

Duration : 0:10:2

[youtube JXuXtcFsSK8]