Investment Manager?

I am a junior college student working on my BA in Business Administration specialized in Finance.
I have read many books on Investing, Security Analysis, Foreign Exchange, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Asset Allocation, Interpreting Financial Statements, and I practically lived out of at one point.

Now what I want to do proffesionally is basicly what I do for myself, anylyze stocks and invest in them for clients.

I read thatzs what Investment Managers do, can anyone clarify what is the job of an Investmen Manager? also what field would best fit with what I want to do? Would appreciate tips from people who are already in the industry, thanks ahead.

Applied math will have you best prepared for what you have mentioned. You may find upon gradation with your finance degree, that you average entry opportunities. You may not even be able to get into Wall Street at all. Wall Street will give you a shot if you supplement your degree with and applied math degree, a statistics degree, and econometrics degree.