I’m entering into my companies 401K and I’m having a hard time trying to elect which Investment to choose?

Use whole numbers (for example: 0%, 3%, 25%, 72%); total must equal 100%.
B. You may elect automatic Account Rebalancing to help maintain the long-term investment strategy you decide is appropriate for
meeting your savings goals. Once you’ve created your asset allocation, automatic Account Rebalancing can rebalance your account
as often as you choose: quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
SM SSgA Government Money Market Fund %
TR PIMCO Total Return Fund – Class A %
7X DWS High Income Plus Fund – Class S %
SI SSgA Life Solutions(SM) Income & Growth Fund %
SB SSgA Life Solutions(SM) Balanced Growth Fund %
SG SSgA Life Solutions(SM) Growth Fund %
AG AllianceBernstein Growth and Income Fund –
Class A
A2 DWS Large Cap Value Fund – Class A %
S5 SSgA S&P® 500 Index Fund %
VZ Neuberger Berman Partners Fund – Advisor
OC Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation Fund – Class A %
MD Fidelity® Advisor Equity Growth Fund – Class T %
XQ Franklin Rising Dividends Fund – Class A %
9E SSgA S&P® MidCap 400 Index Strategy Fund %
M1 Alger MidCap Growth Institutional Fund – Class I %
J8 Janus Adviser International Growth Fund – Class S %
Z4 Templeton Growth Fund, Inc. – Class R %
TS Allianz NFJ Small-Cap Value Fund – Class A %
SR SSgA Russell® 2000 Index Strategy Fund %
AR Alger SmallCap Growth Institutional Fund – Class I %

If you want to keep it simple, choose one of the target retirement funds. They are one stop shopping – SSGA Life Solutions Growth fund – 100%.

Or if you want to pick individual funds:
45% ssga s&p500 index
10% ssga mid cap index
05% russell 2000 index
20% Janus international
20% pimco total return

Many different ways of building a portfolio. It just depends on how you want to tackle it. If you want to have a comfortable retirement, I suggest you hit the books & learn about investing. Nobody cares as much about your money as you do.