Deciding on an investment fund through Vanguard- Please help!?

My employers will be depositing 3% of my salary into a Vanguard account, yet I need to choice a investment fund. Any suggestions? Please advise! The 3% comes out to about $40.00 bi-weekly.
Here are my options:
500 Index Fund 0040VFINX
Admiral Treasury Money Market Fund 0011VUSXXClosed
Asset Allocation Fund 0078VAAPX
Balanced Index Fund 0002VBINX
California Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0100VCAIX
California Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0075VCITX
California Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0062VCTXX
Capital Opportunity Fund 0111VHCOXClosed
Capital Value Fund 0328VCVLXClosed
Convertible Securities Fund 0082VCVSX
Developed Markets Index Fund 0227VDMIX
Diversified Equity Fund 0608VDEQX
Dividend Appreciation Index Fund 0602VDAIX
Dividend Growth Fund 0057VDIGX
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund 0533VEIEX
Energy Fund 0051VGENX
Equity Income Fund 0065VEIPX
European Stock Index Fund 0079VEURX
Explorer Fund 0024VEXPX
Explorer Value Fund 1690VEVFX
Extended Market Index Fund 0098VEXMX
Federal Money Market Fund 0033VMFXXClosed
Florida Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0018VFLTX
FTSE All-World ex-US Index Fund 0770VFWIX
FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap Index Fund 1684VFSVX
FTSE Social Index Fund 0213VFTSX
Global Equity Fund 0129VHGEX
Growth and Income Fund 0093VQNPX
Growth Equity Fund 0544VGEQX
Growth Index Fund 0009VIGRX
Health Care Fund 0052VGHCX
High Dividend Yield Index Fund 0623VHDYX
High-Yield Corporate Fund 0029VWEHX
High-Yield Tax-Exempt Fund 0044VWAHX
Inflation-Protected Securities Fund 0119VIPSX
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund 0314VBIIX
Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade Fund 0071VFICX
Intermediate-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0042VWITX
Intermediate-Term Treasury Fund 0035VFITX
International Explorer Fund 0126VINEX
International Growth Fund 0081VWIGX
International Value Fund 0046VTRIX
Large-Cap Index Fund 0307VLACX
LifeStrategy Conservative Growth Fund 0724VSCGX
LifeStrategy Growth Fund 0122VASGX
LifeStrategy Income Fund 0723VASIX
LifeStrategy Moderate Growth Fund 0914VSMGX
Limited-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0031VMLTX
Long-Term Bond Index Fund 0522VBLTX
Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund 0028VWESX
Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0043VWLTX
Long-Term Treasury Fund 0083VUSTX
Managed Payout Distribution Focus Fund 1499VPDFX
Managed Payout Growth and Distribution Fund 1498VPGDX
Managed Payout Growth Focus Fund 1497VPGFX
Market Neutral Fund 0634VMNFX
Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Fund 0168VMATX
Mid-Cap Growth Fund 0301VMGRX
Mid-Cap Growth Index Fund 0832VMGIX
Mid-Cap Index Fund 0859VIMSX
Mid-Cap Value Index Fund 0835VMVIX
Morgan Growth Fund 0026VMRGX
New Jersey Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0014VNJTX
New Jersey Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0095VNJXX
New York Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0076VNYTX
New York Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0163VYFXX
Ohio Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0097VOHIX
Ohio Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0096VOHXX
Pacific Stock Index Fund 0072VPACX
Pennsylvania Long-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0077VPAIX
Pennsylvania Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0063VPTXX
Precious Metals and Mining Fund 0053VGPMX
Prime Money Market Fund 0030VMMXX
PRIMECAP Core Fund 1220VPCCXClosed
REIT Index Fund 0123VGSIX
Selected Value Fund 0934VASVX
Short-Term Bond Index Fund 0132VBISX
Short-Term Federal Fund 0049VSGBX
Short-Term Investment-Grade Fund 0039VFSTX
Short-Term Tax-Exempt Fund 0041VWSTX
Short-Term Treasury Fund 0032VFISX
Small-Cap Growth Index Fund 0861VISGX
Small-Cap Index Fund 0048NAESX
Small-Cap Value Index Fund 0860VISVX
Strategic Equity Fund 0114VSEQX
Strategic Small-Cap Equity Fund 0615VSTCX
Target Retirement Income Fund 0308VTINX
Target Retirement 2005 Fund 0302VTOVX
Target Retirement 2010 Fund 0681VTENX
Target Retirement 2015 Fund 0303VTXVX
Target Retirement 2020 Fund 0682VTWNX
Target Retirement 2025 Fund 0304VTTVX
Target Retirement 2030 Fund 0695VTHRX
Target Retirement 2035 Fund 0305VTTHX
Target Retirement 2040 Fund 0696VFORX
Target Retirement 2045 Fund 0306VTIVX
Target Retirement 2050 Fund 0699VFIFX
Target Retirement 2055 Fund 1487VFFVX
Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund 0045VMSXX
Tax-Managed Balanced Fund 0103VTMFX
Tax-Managed Capital Appreciation Fund 0102VMCAX
Tax-Managed Growth and Income Fund 0101VTGIX
Tax-Managed International Fund 0127VTMGX
Tax-Managed Small-Cap Fund 0116VTMSX
Total Bond Market Index Fund 0084VBMFX
Total International Stock Index Fund 0113VGTSX
Total Stock Market Index Fund 0085VTSMX
Total World Stock Index Fund 0628VTWSX
U.S. Growth Fund 0023VWUSX
U.S. Value Fund 0124VUVLX
Additional Opitons…. I was unable to add them all! 🙂

Value Index Fund 0006VIVAX
Wellesley Income Fund 0027VWINX
Wellington Fund 0021VWELX
Windsor Fund 0022VWNDX
Windsor II Fund 0073VWNFX

A lot depends on how old you are. I get the impression that you are relatively young. The younger you are, the more you should invest in equities; as you get older, you should be shifting to fixed-income and safer investments. Assuming you are young (under 40), your best bet would probably be a stock index fund like the 500 Index Fund, which tracks the S&P index. This is a broad-based equity fund that effectively reflects the U.S. economy. Over the long term, this is probably a pretty good investment. However, it has some risk, because it is equity based (i.e., stocks rather than government or corporate bonds). The Target Retirement Funds are also a pretty good choice — they are balanced funds that automatically shift from stocks to bonds as you get closer to retirement — just pick the Target Retirement Fund that is closest to your anticipated retirement date. There are also a couple of pretty good balanced funds, such as the Wellesley Income Fund (35% stocks, 65% bonds) and the Wellington Fund (65% stocks, 35% bonds) that generally perform quite well while minimizing risk.

Good luck.