Can a major company have a clause in the 401k set-up that they can keep your Allocations if you are terminated?

I was terminated, and just opted to have my 401k payed in a lump sum. They gave me what I put in, and what they matched, but not the money on the line titled:

ER Non Elective Contributions

So I just assumed that "ER Non Elective Contributions" meant my allocations that falls under the Investment Performance" of my 401K.

ER is Employer Non Elective Contribution ( or the money their plan document stated was to be put aside for you) BUT had a required time line of years of service which you apparently didn’t serve for.

The non electable portion was what the plan stated would be put in regardless of what you Elected to put in and got a match for. You needed to be vested to get that money and you are lucky you got the matching money that went in with your elected amount. The company’s SPD or Summary Plan Description would have these specs. Request one from HR and they will provide it…it’s the law