Advise on portfolio and asset allocation?

I am 42, an NRI Engineer and my monthly saving is Rs.2 lakhs that I want to invest properly.

My current investment is as follow:

1.40 lakhs in mutual funs invested so far in mutual funds via SIPs
2.5 lakhs in gold
3.5 lakhs to relative with 1% interest
4.25 lakhs in NRE FD with interest rate of 3-4%
5.PPF- Rs.3.5 lakhs
6.MIS total Rs.5 lakhs

Currently investing one lakhs per month, Via SIP in the following mutual funds.
(10,000 X 10 funds = One lakhs per month)

1.Reliance Regular Saving Equity
2.Birla Sun life frontline Equity
3.Reliance Growth
4.HDFC Equity
5.HDFC Prudence
6.HDFC TOP-200
7.Birala Sunlife Mid cap fund
8.Birala Sunlife 95 Fund
9.IDFC Premier Equity Fund
10.Kotak-30 fund

Please guide me for the following.

1.About asset allocation
2.Selection of funds
3.Where I should invest my remaining saving of Rs. One lakhs per month? I don’t need any money for next 6 years.
4.For debt investment, as an NRI what options are best – MIP? Debt funds?

Regards and I am really poor at finance


The way you have invested so far tells me that you are not poor at finance.My thoughts:

1.Invest around 25% of total assets in property.around 50-100 lacs.
2.reduce mutual fund allocation & liuidate the FD i.e. take out money for property investment.
3.pls have a few insurance poilices (endowment & money back) avoid ulip.May go for single premium policies.
B.Mutual funds 25%
C.FD 10% 10%
E.PPF 10% 10%(incl loan to relative)