Who Can I Talk to About Affording a Second Child?

My husband and I have one beautiful child (age 1) and we are wanting to have another. I am concerned about finances as prices are crazy these days and I want to be sure we are in the best situation with our finances. I talked to a bank that offered free financial planning advice but they were no help at all and only cared about my joining their programs.

Who can I see that can review the payments I am making, the mortgage situation, my bills, income, etc. and provide some great advice? Is it a CPA? Is it a financial consultant? I really just want one time advice for a moderate fee just to see what my options are and what can be done better. Thank you for your help.

Why pay someone to make a decision that you already know or can figure out on your own. Since you and your husband or going to support the child for "X" amount of years then sit down and make the decision with your husband anyway Take Care and God Bless