How to get money for college if I don’t qualify for financial aid?

My parenat make to much money accordisng to the government so I don’t qualify for financial aid and I know my parents aren’t going to help me pay for my college but I really want to furthur my education but the college I plan to attend is like 18 thousand a year and I don’t qualify for financial aid so can anyone tell me where I can find government grants or free money for college? Or advice on how to approach this? Maybe your own personal experience …..???

The college I plan to go to is 40,000 a year, for four years so don’t complain to much. I think that you should get a loan from bank, and get a job. Summer jobs can pay well because I have a neighbor whom works at a camp and makes 5000 per summer[3months] and during the year you can work your butt off to. You basically can cover 18000 easily. Plus your parents can help for a few thousand so in the end it would work out.

My sister makes about over 300 just working friday sat and sunday at the mall part time and she is 17! I am sure it can work out for you then. Pick any job, as bad as it could be and work for it. Also I believe you can get financial aid from this company which I can’t remember but they always have commercials for it. Look around the web, hoped I helped.