Home Foreclosure Listings – Get Your Money’s Worth

Has the recent press on the flood of foreclosures gotten you, the real estate investor, curious about expanding your business to concentrate on foreclosed homes? Or maybe you are a novice to real estate investing but recognize the profit possibilities in buying a foreclosed property . Lenders definitely want to rid themselves of these distressed properties in order to avoid further losses and in hopes of being able to recover some of the debt. To that end , their foreclosed homes are usually deeply discounted and afford the real estate investor a rare chance to buy at far under market value, with bigger potential for profit when it’s time to resell the property . The old method of locating these distressed properties was far more labor-intensive and time consuming . The real estate investor would contact real estate agents to learn what properties they were representing and search the newspaper for ads on foreclosed homes . Better information is listed online at one of the many new home foreclosure listings services that have become big players since the foreclosure crisis intensified . These home foreclosure listings services provide the real estate investor with all the data needed to form an informed buying plan , in one place and usually for a very small price . The real estate investor can look for homes in their own community or any other location , by zip code or price , by size of home or number of bedrooms , and often will be provided with photos of the targethome . With the criteria of what you are searching for, the home foreclosure listings service can also send the real estate investor email alerts when an appropriate property becomes available, and many include an RSS feed feature. Considering the time and effort saved by having all this information readily available, the home foreclosure listings service gives good value for the money .