Edifi financial aid for college scam or not?

I am trying to figure out if this is a scam or not. I do not have to pay for the financial aid (of course) and it is telling me i ave to go to an interview on may 15th or 16th.

If you would like to read the letter I have typed it out here for you.

Congratulations, you and Taylor are cordially invited to attend a free personal interview in your area on Saturday or Sunday on May 15th or 16th in order to help maximize your eligibility to recieve financial assistance and minimize your family’s out-of-packet exspenses for Taylor’s college education.

Taylor has been selected as one of the students in your area eligible to apply for grants, scholarships, tuitiun discounts, ow interest and subsidized loans through our college assistance program.

If Taylor plans to attend college, please make every effort to attend your personal interview. At your interview you will also recieve an informative free financial aid handbook.

then on the back of the letter it tells about Edifi.

I would really like to know if this is a scam or not because i really do need financial aid, for my family does not have very much money. I also have great testing scores and grades, so it’s not so out of the ordinary that this happened, but there is always a chance of a scam.

Thank you very much.

I have never heard of grants coming from anywhere other than the government or the school itself. Tuition discounts are only avaliable directly through the school. This sounds like a scam through and through. I would be surprised if you went and were not asked for money at some point. If they ever say "in your area" that is the key that it is a national mailing term and will not be legitimate. Fill out the FAFSA, that is the application for grants, loans (subsidized and non-subsidized) and work-study. You will have to apply for scholarships independently, the majority come from the school. Please, do not go to that "interview."