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I was familiar with Tim Turner and Sam Kennedy before this plan was launched by the Guardians of the Free Republic. It will take place behind the scenes so as not to alarm the people. It is perpetual in case of assassination to its founders.
It is the only plan that respects you as an sovereign individual and will create more wealth for the people than ever imagined.
Your NAME and MONEY have been misused. You voiced an overwhelming majority NO to the bailout, the war, the unconstitutional health care bill. They ignored you completely. They can no longer ignore only attempt to scare you through your HDTV propaganda controlled media. Turn it off. Tune into truth radio.
The plan’s only handicap is that it must operate within the law and the criminals in power are currently operating outside of the law. Securtization of your mortgage without your permission is illegal, but the foreign controlled banks have done it anyway and have hi-jacked us all in the largest racketeering scam in the history of the United Sates. Let us be realists, the Wall Street operatives in power in coercion with the foreign banks who control the infiltrated ranks of members of the alphabet agencies are not going down without a fight. False flag is reasonably imminent. places your and our country’s financial well being and security paramount. It was ten years in the making and will take ten to complete. Will we see Christopher Story break the news at Keep listening intently behind the scenes for a message of peace be heard around the world and true republic order restored. Sign up and show support for the constitutional pursuit of liberty and happiness. De jure Grand Juries will form in every state in order to stop the corruption and expose the treason. Acts of violence will never be tolerated and never represent this group. Dont be fooled for a moment, this is a non violent group because it must be that way. Texas and Virginia are suing the Fed over the mandatory health care scam. Beware the NWO last gasp as it goes head to head with this plan.

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