Should governments in free market economies provide large financial assistance to private corporations?

The United States government has recently approved a $700 billion bailout of several of the country’s financial institutions. This plan is designed to help ease the effect of the credit crisis that is gripping the American economy. Other countries are also announcing financial packages to deal with this situation. So friends do you think that governments should provide financial aid to private corporations.
If yes/no why? This is the best opportunity to earn 10 points with your detailed opinion.

The Free market needs to be exactly that. Free.
Responder said that government assistance in the manner will stave off a depression & keep people from starving.

Wages for many have not increased, the prices of everything is going up & people have been starving for a while (and will continue to do so) while the number of people who have to decide between rent/mortgage and groceries.
Free market should, if anything, be more mindful of those who work to keep the companies going. If the company/corporation can make millions of dollars in profit and the CEOs can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses, why can’t they give more to the employees. Sharing the "wealth" with the employees, instead of keeping it all for themselves does not help the economy, it only helps the ones who have the money. If the employees have more spending power, the economy would improve.
CEOs need to find a way to survive on a couple of million dollars and give 1 or 2 million to the people who help them get to where they are today…the employee and the consumer.