Short Selling Explained by Max Keiser ( The 911 Of The Financial System )

This video talks about short selling. There are many who want to blame short selling for the collapse in 2008. This videos discusses that if anything it is the opposite. There are resources at the bottom of the article.



Gordon Brown & Henry Paulson are blaming speculators ( scapegoats ) for the economic crash, the ban on short selling does not stop the fall of bank stocks because investors are dumping their own bank stocks, the current free market capitalist system is not “free” but rigged by those in power ( deregulations ), martial law, hyperinflation, the collapse of the financial systems looks like a controlled demolition, the “paulson plan” 700 billion bailout is a financial power grab similar to the patriot act, the unregulated banking system of derivatives is called the shadow banking system, recorded on September 27th 2008
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