mona chhalwani financial advisor for R.S.INVESTMENT?





As per survey taken by ‘’RS.INVESTMENT’s’’ 68% of people in Mumbai don’t know
How to manage their finance neither they can afford to pay the high fee of financial advisor

In today’s world getting knowledge for ur finance is very important. But when we ask for any knowledge the CFP do charge to manage our finance

I have written to president and education minister regarding this that there should be subject in every stream after 12th STD where student can understand about capital market and financial market. So according to that each an every individual can plan there finances.
At this time they do have basic knowledge and some chapter of stock market which is not enough.

I have also sent a original copy of letter which has been signed by 15 different college principal’s, And over 1200 students which include F.Y.JC, S.YJC,

‘Barclaycard’ brand name and big bank in U.K to help their customer what they did they went and given interest free period for all the card holder who lost their job in this global meldown
they also reduce the interest rate for all the customer and also min payment was reduce from 2.50% to 2.00% which help the customer a lot in U.K.they also started giving advice over the phone to all customer how to manage their finance in this global melldown,and they didn’t charge for that free financial advice.

When they can do it why cant we give free financial advice where India is an developing country

Savings Bank Account ,Money Market Funds (also known as liquid funds) ,Bank Fixed Deposit (Bank FDs) ,Post Office Savings Schemes (POSS), Public Provident Fund (PPF) ,Company Fixed Deposits (FDs) ,Bonds and Debentures , Mutual Funds

These are the basic things where we should be having knowledge about
And I demand for free advise in today’s market so that the people in India should save money not book losses in capital market

Every time when there is big market correction we always here suicide cases through out India

I will be writing to BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE as well to get each and every broker and operator should be given training for capital market advice and financial advice So while making trade for their client the can make their suggestion as well

I have carefully read your question. This question involved the financial policies of the Govt. of India over which you have no effective control. I don’t agree with you that the Govt of India will come out to impart financial advice to the people regarding investments in Stock Exchange market.. Idnia is a developing country, like Pakistan and Bangla Desh, but the financial policies of each country is based on other factors, such as obtaining financial aid from IMF or other loan giving Agencies. The developing structure of India is not as good you are require that they must give Bombay Stock Exchange authority to give market advice to the clients and give suggestions.
However, if you compare the Financial Position of India with Pakistan, I am 100% confident that the Indian Finance Ministry is doing much better than that of Pakistan and India is not bound to accept IMF instructions which involve to unjustifiably increase prices of essential commodities, like petrol and electricity inasmuch as the Supreme Court of Pakistan had to take Sumitomo notice of the unprecedented rise in the prices of petrol and electricity. Here in Pakistan masses are suffering too much at the hands of politicians IMF(as the presen Govt.. has taken Loan from this agency) and IMF is bent upon to increase the prices of commodities without taking due cognizance of the sufferings of the masses. I think you will now understand what I mean. Good Luck Take Care.