In the uncertainty world it looks dificult to have good financial planning for people who has single income. does anybody share with me?

First list all your expenses over a given time period like per month.

Next list your income.

Add both up–if your expenses are greater than your income you need to do one of two things. A: reduce your expenses or B: increase your income.

Once you have your needs covered, you give yourself something to spend that’s extra but not too much. Set up a regular savings plan with your bank. Even if it’s only a few dollars per month going into a savings account, it will add up. Try not too look at it and let it grow so you will have it in case of a major emergency like losing your job or something like that. Seeing a huge sale on collector dolls on the shopping channel is not a major emergency.

Once you learn to live within your means, everything else is downhill from there. You might buy a book on personal finance. They have lots of them at the local bookstore. Or you can just go to your local library and read them for free!