Greenville Attorney Warns of Estate Planning Complications

Greenville Lawyer Urges Seniors and Their Loved Ones To Get Their Estate Affairs Organized

Elder Law is a fairly new specialized law area focusing on the issues that are met by the fastest growing part of the country’s population, the elderly. Elder law mixes features of Estate Planning, Health Care Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Planning, Wills and Trusts and Conservatorship.

Pete Fields, a Greenville Attorney, from Greenville, works to caution seniors and their families of problems that can result if estate planning issues and concerns aren’t fixed quickly, If you delay, it could be too late to have your affairs taken care of how you want them taken care of!

Here is just a short listing of the things thisGreenville Estate Planning Attorney can help you deal with:

Pass on An Inheritance To Your Family

Arrange for The Care You’ll Need Before That Time Emerges

Increase Income You Keep, Secure Your Life Savings

Cut down and Even Eliminate Retirement Home Costs

Save on Death Taxes, Income Taxes and Estate Taxes

Reasons You Need To Plan Your Estate As Soon As Possible!

Nobody really wants to linger over the idea of his or her mortality. However, if you hold off making plans for your passing until it’s too late, you may run the risk that your planned recipients — people that you love — may not be given the things that you will want them to inherit whether it is a result of bickering among your heirs or taxes. These are reasons estate planning is so significant, and it doesn’t matter how big or small your estate might be! It offers a means, while you are still living, to confirm that your assets goes to those that you wish, the way you desire, and when you want. It permits you to save as much as you can on taxes, attorneys’ fees and court costs; and it affords the peace that your loved ones can mourn over your loss and not be simultaneously burdened with needless financial difficulty and red tape. Every estate plan should include, at least, two significant estate planning tools: a power of attorney and a will. Power of attorney is for managing your property and assets while you are alive, in case you are ever unable to do so on your own. The second is for the delivery and management of your property and assets after death. Additionally, more and more, Americans are utilizing living (or revocable) trusts to escape probate and to regulate their estates both after they’re gone and during their lives. How do I know if I need this service?

-Have no legal documents

-Have documents which are old and your kids are adults

-you documents no longer communicate your wishes

About the author:

Pete Fields is a Greenville estate planning lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina. Mr. Fields also has an office that is located in Clemson,SC that includes a Clemson estate planning lawyer. The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have specific concerns or questions, you should talk with a qualified elder law attorney. 2007 The Fields Law Firm

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