Career in financial planning?

I’m debating toward an "ol faithful" government job or a career as a financial planner. I’m graduating with a degree in financial planning in less than a year. I’ve always been interested in helping people with their finances. I’m a little worried about how difficult it will be to acquire new clients. I’m not agressive and don’t like bothering people. Also, what happens if the country goes in a recession while I’m trying to start out. I’m planning on living/working around Grand Rapids, Michigan or a close city that is about half the size.

I’ve heard good and bad things about different firms, what do you think?

I know that only I can decide which to do, but I would like some input from some current financial planners. Thanks!
Also, with today’s online society, can you be a financial planner "on the side" part-time. Is there a way have all the necessary resources without being affiliated with a firm?

I am a financial planner. The hours are long and yes, it is very difficult to acquire new clients. Most job opportunities are commission-only. If you do not go into this field with a sales mindset, you are not likely to make a great deal of money.
I love what I do, and if I measure success in terms of how I have helped people, I am very successful indeed. But because I am not aggressive, not a sales-orientated person, and not willing to work 70 hours per week, I am not making as much money as I did before.