What are some helpful tips on budgeting and saving in general?

I make good money but feel like I’m throwing most of it away and I don’t even know where it goes! I’m not even sure how to do a budget. What are some tips that have worked for you as far as making a budget and sticking to it? Thanks!

Well you are not alone, it is estimated that most people spend 10% more than they earn, and as you stated in your question we are probably throwing money away,it is because we use our credit cards for every thing so we don’t notice how much we spend .
I my self prefer to have the help of professional on this for a low fee like US$15 or 20 when they actually save me hundreds.
you can read more about budgeting at the link in the source below ,they even offer you a month of free trial so you can see how much they can save you.