What are some good and easy budgeting plans that can help me keep track of my finances?

I need an easy budgeting plan to help me keep track of my earnings and spendings. I think I have pictured it being time-consuming and difficult to keep track of finances so I’ve had such a hard time wanting to get started in the past. Is there an easy (or relatively easy) way to keep track of finances and budget out spending?

For budgeting, get a sheet of paper and a pen.
Write your income for THIS month at the top. List EVERYTHING you will do with money below and keep a running balance. At the bottom of the page, the balance should be $0.00. (You included savings in the list.)

For tracking, use the envelope system. Put your food budget in an envelope labeled ‘food’. ALL food is purchased using CASH from this envelope. ONLY food is purchased from this envelope. When the envelope is empty, you eat leftovers for the rest of the month. Repeat for every category of spending.