iXpenseit Expense and Budgeting iPhone App Review

Demo video for the iXpenseit iPhone App.

iXpenseit, by FYI Mobileware, is an expense tracking and budgeting app that’s very easy to use.

When you launch iXpenseit, you see today’s transactions, and a battery-meter-style representation of your current budget (if you have the budgeting feature turned on). There are arrows to move back and forth between days, and the bottom toolbar, where it’s really easy to add a new purchase. Simply enter the amount, choose your currency if necessary (the app does conversion for you), and tap done.

On the next screen, you can choose a type, category, and subcategory from a series of customizable lists. You can specify the payment date, say whether you used a credit card or cash, and record the place of purchase for the item. The app saves the vendors you enter, and easily allows you to add new ones.

The notes section lets you enter information about the purchase or other important reminders, and the photo tools even lets you snap a picture of the receipt, either from within the app or by using your camera roll.

Once you’ve saved your entry, you can look at your monthly expenses by category, with all of the notes and images embedded.

The app’s search feature gives you quick access to any transaction you’ve entered , and an individual export feature lets you send a specific record to anyone via email.

The reports button keeps you well-informed of your spending, and generates charts of any or all of your expenses. You can email these reports for reimbursement, or transfer them to your computer via Wi-Fi for record-keeping.

iXpenseit’s settings allow you password protect your expenses, control currency conversion, and choose the default categories for new expenses. You can also back up or restore your expenses via Wi-Fi for piece of mind.

Overall, it’s a well-organized app for people who need to keep track of business expenses or file reimbursement requests, and at $4.99, it’s probably worth it to be able to enter your expenses and store images of your receipts as you get them.

Duration : 0:1:50

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