Dashboard, Reminders and Budgeting- a Vital Tripod

Accelerator, breaks and clutch are very much required for any vehicle to run smoothly and safely. If any of these three don’t work properly, it will make the vehicle quite unsafe. Therefore utmost care should be taken of these threes as these are the most important features of any vehicle. Basically, these act as a significant tripod of any vehicle to run effectively.

Similarly, features like dashboard, reminders and budgeting acts as a prominent tripod for an effective online money management application. All these features make the financial software very useful in managing the finances.

Advantages of dashboard, reminders and budgeting features:

  1. Dashboard: It is an important and convenient way to provide the users with the easy access to the information related to financial transactions. With the help of dashboard, you can see your outstanding accounts; can have the information about the payments to be made, etc. It helps you to view:
    • Reminder alerts
    • Billing alerts
    • Account report
    • Budget charts
    • Graphical representation of assets and liabilities etc.

    Basically, a dashboard is a holistic picture of all your financial transactions.

  2. Reminders: These play a vital role in any money management application, as it helps you to remind the due dates of the payments to be made. In the absence of these you may end up in paying the extra bank charges. These come with bill pay and personal reminders along with a host of alert notifications, etc.
  3. Budgeting features: This is far more effective and provides more accurate results than manual budget plans. These help you to keep a track record on your day-to-day finances. This helps you to:
    • Categorize your income and expense
    • Set up maximum budget

There are other features which are also necessary for online money management application. However, dashboard, reminders and budgeting features plays a significant role. In the absence of any of these three, any money management application will be incomplete. Therefore, these features should be taken utmost care of, so that the finance management users can get a smooth fund managing application.

saurabh kanwar